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UnEnchanted: Review.

UnEnchanted - Chanda Hahn

I enjoyed this one, it's a very light and easy YA read.

I've been really in to re-imagined fairy tales lately and I liked the premise of this book. In fact I think it would make a good film.

I've already bought the next instalments, but I have one reservation: I don't like love triangles, or squares, or any other formation and I have a feeling this series is heading in that direction. If that IS the case, then I'm totally team Jared. Brody (I don't even like his name) did NOT float my boat, in fact, he sank it!!!

He's a bit of a damp squib, is Brody, a moody, petulant little boy. When he gets angry (which is most of the time)he refuses to talk to the heroine to show her how displeased he is with her.
Grow up and stop acting like a five year old, Brody, no one finds mood swings attractive!
I didn't find anything about his character enticing and I couldn't figure out what it was about him that had the heroine hot under her collar. The only thing that anyone really had to say about him was that he was rich and handsome...

Jared on the other hand (yet another name I'm not keen on) was pretty cool. I liked his mysteriousness, I liked his quips and I liked that he was trying to decide if it was worth his time to help the heroine, even as she was trying to decide whether to trust him or not. The only thing is that I have a feeling he's MUCH older than her (by say a hundred years!!!) which would be a bit icky if they got together considering she's about 16...


*Nice light read.

*Suitable for younger readers.