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Hello I’m DeeDee and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, please take a chair by the fire and if there are too many fluffy pillows just knock them off on to the floor! First of all thank you for visiting me, I don’t know what you’ve been told about me but I can tell you right now that almost 99% is untrue… what’s that??? What about my brownie addiction??? I have no idea what you’re talking about!!! So hopefully you’re here because you’ve heard that I write… no??? Oh well as I’ve got you here I’m going to tell you ALL about it anyway!!! Now you know why that armchair has restraints on it! I love to write, I always have, but it wasn’t until my Aunt suggested that I try writing a book that I began to think how great it would be to write something that people might read and hopefully enjoy. So I settled down to produce a masterpiece… predictably the 90.000 words of my first story, written at sixteen, was pretty poor… but I like to think that I learn a lot from it. In any case my failure didn’t put me off and my next attempt ‘Broken City’ was born! I’ve written five stories so far (plus a few short stories), three of which are published and the other two are awaiting editing. They will be available sometime next year. They are the second books in three different series! I also love to review! When I like a book I find it hard to stop talking about it!!! Now that’s out of the way would you like a nice cup of tea and a brownie???

Friday's Child: Review.

Friday's Child - Georgette Heyer

One of my favourites! I love the friendship between the four friends, and how their different characters play off one another so well

First there is Sherry, the hero of the piece; Sherry is an overgrown school boy with (mostly) good intentions, he’s kind to Hero but doesn’t love her and is generally so careless that he doesn’t know when he’s upset her.

Then there is George, one of Sherry’s best friends (although that didn’t stop Sherry proposing to the object of George’s affection). He’s in love with a girl who won’t have him and so spends a lot of his time down in the dumps or angry. Unfortunately his cure for both of these ailments is to duel. Trouble is he’s such a good shot no one wants to meet him!

Then there’s Ferdy, not too bright but a good friend never the less, his battle with Nemesis is a highlight of the book.

Gil is the final friend, a clever chap who is the only thing holding the group together.

I loved how these young men kept seesawing between maturity and childishness, one moment calm and dignified and the next behaving like school boys. I also liked how they fought over the Heroine:

“Who told you could call my wife Kitten?”
“You did!”